Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday, December 5th

Good afternoon. I was talking with a friend last night and he told me that he hasn't heard how Cheryl is doing because I didn't update my blog since the first of November!!! OK, Steve. Here it is.

As per Dr Estrada's instructions (, Cheryl took it VERY easy for the first 3 - 5 weeks. Our volunteers here at LTWC were extremely cooperative and took care of most of the feeding and cleaning of the bears and other animals we have in house now. Fortunately for the animals, "I" only had to clean and feed a couple of times, but they survived anyway.

Cheryl has been increasing her time on her feet, almost daily. In the first week, she was at 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the afternoon. Then 10 minutes for each. Well, by Thanksgiving, one month after returning from Monterrey, she was up to a couple of hours. There were a couple of days where she admits she may have done a little too much, but she was very good about getting herself ( I had other words in mind, but refrained) back to bed to rest for the 'next' excursion.

Her brother, Dr Bob Bender, who is the one who recommended Dr Estrada to us, saw Cheryl walking about a week ago. He asked her "Why are you limping???" She said, "I don't know." It must be because she limped for 18 + years and now, has no reason to. So, he told her that she will need to conscientiously be aware of that fact and THINK about when she is walking. Wow. Think about that. She actually has to 'think' about when she walks. I know none of us do. It's almost like learning to talk again. (OK. I won't go there!)

She did have some pain about 4 days ago. She twisted the wrong way and it was a 'sharp' pain, not a 'chronic' pain like she experienced the past 18 + years. I asked her what her pain level was. And, she said, from a scale from 1 - 10, with one the 'least' pain, where is your pain??? She said "One." "But, "she continued, "before I left for Mexico, my pain level was at FIFTEEN!!! ALL the time!!" She said there is NO comparison.

The doctor told her that it would take about six months for her to really feel the final affects of the stem cells which were entered into her body. She feels most of that now, especially with the loss of pain. Another thing is that for 18+ years, she could not lay her leg 'flat' on the bed, on the floor, or just straighten it. She can now, and NOW - - - she doesn't even think about it - - - in less than 6 weeks after the therapy!!

She is literally a new woman and soon will be starting to enjoy a new life. We want to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers. If anyone would like to speak with Cheryl personally about her old and current situation, please feel free. 530-577-2273.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sorry this is Late! We are Home!

Well, I guess I screwed up again. The past few days, I have had 'several' of you call or e-mail and say, "When are you going to update us on the finished product from your Mexico trip???"

I must say that we were very pleased and relieved to get home that I just totally forgot to do that. That, plus, I have been doing much of Cheryl's jobs around the house as well. And, that's not easy, since I have never really 'done' Cheryl's jobs around the house, so she had to 'instruct' me from the bed!! It is a whole new lesson in communication skills.

OK. Bottom line from the Stem Cell Therapy. Cheryl is 'still' out of pain. She does have a 'little' discomfort every once in a while, but, overall, she is FREE of Pain! Are we glad we did it. You bet!! And, we are proud to recommend this treatment to anyone who has a medical problem which maybe hasn't worked with typical medical procedures. Check out Dr Estrada's web site, and Bill McClain, Dr Estrada's managing partner, will send you a medical questionnaire. From there, they will determine if they have what you need. We have heard of people being helped with Parkinson's, Advanced Degenerative Arthritis (Cheryl's condition), cancer, liver problems, etc. Believe me, we both feel it is well worth it.

In the week that we have been home, Cheryl has been (for the most part) a good girl and has stayed off of her feet, as recommended by the doctor. He told her that she will feel so good, that she will 'want' to get up and do things, but she has to do this in moderation. This next week, she will start exercising on the stairs. Up until now, she has done NO stairs, except the first plane flight from Monterrey to Houston. She has been able to get up and 'walk about' for 15 - 30 minutes twice each day and has only exceeded that limit once or twice. We have been using the walkie-talkies so she is never far from my assistance.

She needs to take it easy for about 30 days, then increase her walking slowly to work up to here normal activity. What an extraordinary experience this has been. Right now, I can't think of anything else that I can tell you other than Stem Cell Therapy works!!! Now, if we can just get the United States Congress to allow this in the United States, we can do away with a LOT of needless surgeries!!

Love to you all. Thanks for thinking of Cheryl and her interest. We appreciate it. Tom

Thursday, October 23, 2008

LAST Day in Monterrey

Good afternoon. Well, it is afternoon HERE!!! Since it is 1pm. Cheryl has completed her Stem Cell Therapy with Dr Estrada ( and she is walking, √°lmost´without pain. There is a little catch in her getalong, but other than that, she is weak, but much more comfortable. It was just an incredible 2 FULL days with the doctor. After the first treatment, within MINUTES, she was able to put pressure on her knees while standing and feel little or no discomfort.

The doctor felt he accomplished as much as he could in this treatment, so he decided to complete the process by the end of the second day, instead of going into a half day treatment on the third day, which would have been TODAY (Thursday). She did get into the van and out of it and said there was a ´little´tweak, but nothing like what is WAS! he did the last injection of the San 10 Stem Cells into her knee last night and also injected the final Ozone treatment. She will be coming home a new woman. He did tell her to take it easy for the first 30 days, but he also said to ´sell´the wheelchair, but we are going to keep it around for at least a couple of months, ´just in case´!

His instructions for her were to do NO stair climbing for the first weeek, then on the second week, do three or four steps twice a day. Then a couple of days later, increase it to five or six, and so on. Nice and easy until the ´growth´is mostly complete, which will actually happen within the next 2 - 4 months. The cells will continue to grow after that, but the ´majority´of the growth will occur within this time span.

We love you all and will be home soon.

Tom and Cheryl

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday morning in Monterrey

OK. OK. So I didn´t get an opportunity to write yesterday!! That is because Cheryl and I checked into the hospital and I was not able to get onto my laptop. And, the reason - you ask - I could not get a wireless reception on my laptop is because the hospital´s network had a VIRUS!!! So, Lynn, thanks for helping me last night, but it wasn´t my fault or our fault.

OK. WOW!!! What a day Tuesday was. We checked into the hospital in the morning. the doctor told Cheryl some bad news, that being her uric acid was high. The ´norm´is between 0 and 7 and hers was at 29. But, in his calming way, he smiled and said, "Don´t worry. We will take care of that!" So, with that he came in and told her that she was going to get 7 injections, including an in line dwelling for the IV. Four of the other 7 would be injections directly into her knees, two on each knee. Now. Here is the kicker!! After he gave her the first two injections on her left knee, in which the knee was elevated, or bent, he told her to lay the leg FLAT on the bed. She said, "I can´t. I haven´t been able to do that for 18 years!" He reassured her and again said, "Lay your leg on the bed." And, you know what??? She was ABLE to do it AND with NO PAIN!!! Praise the Lord!! He then proceeded to do the same thing with the right knee, which is the one she injured 18 years ago. And, AGAIN - - - she was able to lay the leg AND KNEE all the way down on the bed with the leg straight. THEN - - - - he told her to stand up! She said, "NOW???" He said, "Yes. Now!" She did and she looked at me and said, "Tom!!! I don´t have any pain!!!!" By the way. When she said this, she had a HUGE smile on her face!!!

He then told her that injection he gave her was the San 10 portion of the Stem Cell Therapy that he had told us on Sunday night It gave immediate relief because it took the inflamation away - - - immediately!!! Now, she was taking the IV with the 10 million parts of Stem Cells which would go throughout her entire body. Within a few hours, the arthritis in her hands again had color and appeared to be diminishing.

No. It was not ALL perfect. She did experience a little high blood pressure because the IV was raising her metabolism and that caused the pressure to accelerate, so, he merely gave her some oxygen and cut off the IV for about an hour. Other than that, everything was pretty smooth.

We are now at Wednesday morning and he said that he was going to work on her ALL day today and that she would be done by late this afternoon or early this evening. So, we are looking at getting a flight out of her tomorrow instead of Friday. We also informed him that we had a wheelchair waiting at home for Cheryl. He told us to SELL IT!! He said that she WILL need to take it easy for several weeks, but that he does want her to walk, every day, at least 15 - 30 minutes twice a day with no stress, just casual walking.

Like I said earlier - - - WOW!!! You had to be here to experience it. I have said it before and I will tell you again. Here is the web site for Dr Estrada

If you are having any problems which cannot be repaired medically, PLEASE consider e-mailing him and asking if he can assist with your problem.

We love you all and will see you soon.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Night in Monterrey

Our first full day in Monterrey, and YES, it was full!! Started off this morning with a continental breakfast here at the Comfort Inn. Then, a car was provided for us to take us to the hospital. There, we filled out a couple of forms and saw the room we will be staying in, starting tomorrow (Tuesday). Following the ´tour´of the hospital, the nurse drew some blood from Cheryl. Cheryl said one thing. "She´s Good!" From there, the hospital´s drive, Victor, drove us back to the Comfort Inn, where we freshened up (that meant a nap for me) and met up with a driver whom Victor recommended to show us the ´sights´! First, he took us to the Riverwalk. It is about 2 miles long and we took the boat from one end to the other. Very pretty and LOT´S of waterfalls and cascading water.

From the Riverwalk, he took us to a restaurant, which served, as its main meal, baby goat parts. We passed on that and said, thank you very much. I did have a margerita, though, before we left. We were informed by several people about the ´caves´,here in the Monterrey area, which house thousands, if not HUNDREDS of thousands of bats, since they heard that we have an interest in wildlife. So, the driver drove us to the ´caves´to get there before the tram closed at 5pm. What he didn´t tell us is that the caves are UP the tram, about 1500 - 2000 feet AND that once inside the caves, there are about 2,000 stair steps!!! Now, don´t forget, we are talking about a person here who is about to undergo a procedure to get her knees BACK into shape. We don´t want to destroy them altogether before we start the procedure. Well, you know Cheryl. So, once we started the climb, there was no turning back. Once we finished, she said SHE was finished and to "GET ME HOME!" I think were her exact words.

Needless to say, we stayed in the room tonight, vegging. She did ask me to tell you that she is REALLY looking forward to getting this procedure started. Dr Estrada feels very confident that she will have NO pain (or at the very least, LESS pain) within hours after he begins with the Ozone treatment. We plan to leave the hotel for the hospital around 10:30am (our time - two hours earlier than Tahoe time) tomorrow morning. So, by 1pm, she will feel MUCH better.

The Ozone is the first step, THEN he will begin with the C34 Stem Cell injection into her body. She will start off with 10 million tomorrow. Not a bad start. Weather was ´warm´but not hot.

We are getting close and ready to go. Thank you to all of you who have written us and asked how we are doing. We appreciate knowing that you are concerned for Cheryl and her situation. We will be home late Friday night, so Saturday, we will be able to start the REST of Cheryl´s life (as Paul Harvey would say). Talk to you soon. Tom

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Night - IN Monterrey

Well, we are finally here in Monterrey, Mexico. The hotel we are staying in, for the first two nights, is a Comfort Inn. We met with Dr Estrada tonight and he basically took us through the next four days, so we would have no surprises. The doctor is well spoken, and YOUNG!!! 58 years old!! Gee. That´s MY age!!! Tomorrow morning, Cheryl will go to the hospital and have blood drawn, so he will know exactly what he is dealing with. From there, he will determine the exact treatment he will be using on her. He was very positive that she will RE-generate the new cells which will help her walk - without pain - again. PLUS - - - he told her that the C34 Stem Cells which he will be both injecting into her knees and the IV, that it will also help her eyesight and the arthritis in her hands. He said to "Take a picture of you hands now, because they won´t look like this again." Because of the Ozone process he will be using on her first thing Tuesday morning, this will eliminate MOST of her pain, if not ALL of it within hours after starting. In fact, he states that she will have to be careful NOT to overdo your renewed energy and lack of pain!!! He said that after the first treatment, he will have her walking the halls of the hospital for 15 - 30 minutes twice a day. She hasn´t done that in MANY years.

All in all, this first meeting, which was more of an informational session, was very educational and a good feeling of comfort! She now is REALLY excited to get going, especially since when we got off the plane, here in Monterrey, they did not have a ramp, only the old stairs that you must use which attaches to the plane. That didn´t help any.

Cheryl got through customs OK, despite the liability she had with her - - - ME!! Weather is warm, but not too hot.

I will write more tomorrow.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday morning. Today is going to be VERY busy for us. I am doing this early so I won't forget. You know - the mind of an elephant!!!

This morning, at 10am, we have a Work Day slated for LTWC. This is the day that we winterize all the cages and get the place ready for winter. Traditionally, it is the Saturday AFTER the Volunteer Luncheon. Silly me, I totally spaced out when I announced it last Sunday. I didn't even THINK that we were also leaving tonight for Mexico. Oh well. We WILL get through this!

By the picture above is of Cheryl playing for the train set she has waited for ALL of her life. When she was a little girl, both Bob and Darryl got a train set, BUT, because Cheryl was a girl, she got dolls!! Well, I got this for her 4 years ago and she just LOVED it. You can tell by the smile on her face.

OK. Back to today. After we finish the cages and feed everyone, clean up and pack, we leave for Sacramento, spend the night there, they fly to Mexico tomorrow for Cheryl's Stem Cell Therapy. We have VERY HIGH anticipation that this will do what the doctor says it will do and Cheryl will be OUT of pain for the first time in about 19 years!!! What a blessing.

If I don't have time tonight - in Sacramento - to update this blog, I 'will' update tomorrow afternoon after we check into the hotel. Yes, I am taking my camera, so you just 'might' see a taste of Old Monterrey. I wish that we could spend more time there, but this business - PERSONAL business - comes first. This will only be our third trip to Mexico, so we are looking forward to it AND to the warm weather. Right now - in Tahoe (9:35am, Saturday) - it is 42 degrees. It is supposed to be iln the mid 80's in Monterrey for our stay there. I think I will wear shorts.

Our love to all. Keep Cheryl in your thoughts and prayers. We will talk soon.